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Selecting the right automatic door for commercial applications

Automatic doors are the simplest form of enabling entry and exit for commercial applications. Available in a wide range, with varying profiles and applications, automatic doors offer a multitude of benefits and features including climate control, energy efficiency and a practical management of foot traffic.

Automatic door types and the selection process

Automatic Sliding doors are available in a range of options including single slide, bi-part slide and telescopic slide configurations that differ in suitability depending on the application. The slide door operators have been designed as suitable for all levels of duty including light usage though to heavy and frequent traffic. The convenience of sliding doors ensures that all able bodied pedestrians are able to move in and out of a building with minimal effort and ease.

Many automatic slide doors are operated and activated through hands-free sensors but some products that are used less frequently will require a button to be pressed before the door automatically opens for the user. Barrier free, automatic sliding doors offer an unencumbered passage through the doors.

Sliding doors are a very efficient way to manage traffic flow and are ideal for controlling directional traffic in both entry and exit doors. They are also useful as climate control, as there is no danger of them being left open by accident thus ensuring that inside and outside temperatures have no effect on each other.

Automatic Swing doors are designed to be used for either single, paired or double egress applications. The swing doors can generally be supplied as either a complete package including the door, or just the operator with the header and drive arm. Automatic swing doors offer effortless entry and exit with seamless operation.

Automatic Swing doors are most suited to one way traffic. Typically one is used for entry and another, separate door used for exits. They are not recommended for two-way traffic however depending on the application exceptions can be made provided the application has been well planned out.

Post time: Oct-27-2022