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  • M-204G Microwave Motion Sensor

    M-204G Microwave Motion Sensor

    1. Install the sensor. Place the device in the proper position, and remove the burrs completely when processing the cable hole. Open the mounting plate after opening the hole.


    2. Connect the signal cable to the power terminal of the automatic dooc Green, white: signal output COM/NO Brown, yellow: power input AC / DC12V*24V.


    3. Remove the outer cover and fix the sensor with screws.


    4. Connect the terminal to the sensor.


    5. Connect the power supply to the sensor, set the detection range and each function switch in sequenee.


    6. Close the cover.

  • M-218D Safety Beam Sensor

    M-218D Safety Beam Sensor

    ■  Adopt the color corresp on ding plug-i n socket, simple wiring, convenient and accurate.

    ■  Adopt microcomputer control technology, high system integration and strong stability.

    ■  The international universal optical lens design, good focusing and reasonable 8ntrolled angle, easy to install.

  • Five Key Function Selector For Automatic Door

    Five Key Function Selector For Automatic Door

    Automatic: During normal business hours
    lnternal and external sensor are effective, electric lockis not locked.


    Half Open: During normal business hours (Energysaving)
    All sensors are effective. Each time the door is opened byinduction, the door is only opened to the half position, andthen closed back.
    Note: The automatic doors need to have a half-open function.


    Full Open: Handling, temporary ventilation andemergency period
    The internal and external sensors and access controldevices all invalid, and the automatic door remains fullyopen state and does not close back.


    Unidirectional: Be used for offwork clearance period.
    External sensor is invalid and electric lock locked
    automatically. But external access controller and internalsenser are effective. Only internal personnel can enter bycard. Internal sensor is effective, people can go out.


    Full Lock: Night or holiday burglar locking time period
    All sensors are invalid, electric lock are locked
    automatically. Automatic door in the closing state.Allpeople can not enter and exit competely.

  • M-254 Infrared Motion &Presence Safety

    M-254 Infrared Motion &Presence Safety

    1. Bottom Cover

    2. Top Cover

    3. Wire holes

    4. Screw holes x3

    5. Dip Switch

    6. 6-pin line

    7. Deepth adjustment of inner 2 lines

    8. Deepth adjustment of outer 2 lines

    9. Led Indicator

    10. Wdth adjustment of inner 2lines

    11. Wdth adjustment of outer 2 lines

  • M-203E Autodoor remote controller

    M-203E Autodoor remote controller

    ■  This product is with the function of coding self-learn.Make sure the code of remote transmitter has been learned into the receiver before using (16 kinds of codes can be learned)

    ■  Operation way: Press the learned button for 1 S.indicator turns green.Press any key of the remote transmitter. The transmitter has been learned by the receiver successfully with two flashes of green light appears.

    ■  Oelete method: Press the learn button for 5S.green light flashing, all the codes has been deleted successfully Can not delete one by one)

    ■  Press the remote control A key(Full lock): All probe and access controller are lose effectiveness, electric lock locked automatically. People inside and outside can not enter in.Be used for preventing thieves at niqhl or on holidays periods.

    ■  Press the remote control 8 key(Unidirectional): External probe is lose effectiveness and eleckic lock locked automatically while external access controller and internal probe are available.Only insider can get in by swiping card. Internal probe is effective.people can get oul.Be used for clearing ud a gathering place

    ■  Press the remote coni C key(Full open): All probe and access controller are lose effectiveness. Door keeps fully open. For emergency using.

    ■  Press the remote control D key(Bi-directional): Internal and external probes are effective. Working hours with normal business.