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Five Key Function Selector For Automatic Door

Short Description:

Automatic: During normal business hours
lnternal and external sensor are effective, electric lockis not locked.


Half Open: During normal business hours (Energysaving)
All sensors are effective. Each time the door is opened byinduction, the door is only opened to the half position, andthen closed back.
Note: The automatic doors need to have a half-open function.


Full Open: Handling, temporary ventilation andemergency period
The internal and external sensors and access controldevices all invalid, and the automatic door remains fullyopen state and does not close back.


Unidirectional: Be used for offwork clearance period.
External sensor is invalid and electric lock locked
automatically. But external access controller and internalsenser are effective. Only internal personnel can enter bycard. Internal sensor is effective, people can go out.


Full Lock: Night or holiday burglar locking time period
All sensors are invalid, electric lock are locked
automatically. Automatic door in the closing state.Allpeople can not enter and exit competely.

Product Detail


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When DC 12V power supply i叩ut, it need to 8nnect by terminal 3 and 4, can't from 1 and 2, like picture shows.

Function setting and instructions


Button switch mode switching and function setting


Note: Transmitting electric eye(Blue cable), Receiving electric eye(Black cable).

■ Function switching:
Press and hold the key 1 and 2 for 5s at the same time, the n hear a buzzer, in put the 4-digit operation password (i nitial password 1111), and press key 1 and 2, enter the system programming state. Through key 1 and 2 to choose the function gear, Then press and hold the key 1 and 2 again to confirm the selected function, or wait 2s for the system to automatically confirm the current selected function gear.

■ Change operation password:
Press and hold the key 1 and 2 for 10s at the same time, the n hear a buzzer after 5s, and hear the sec ond buzzer after 10s, in put the original 4-digit password and then press key 1 and 2 to confirm, input new 4-digit password and press key 1 and 2 to confirm, input and confirm again, setting successfully.
NOTE: This user password should be properly saved, and entered when switching function gears again; If the password is forgotten, please restore to factory default initial password 1111.

■ Restore the factory default password:
Open the back cover and power on, press the key 1 or 2, switch the dial switch on the circuit board to ON state and then back to 1 terminal, all LED indicators on the panel will flashes twice, and the password is restored successfully(initial password 1111).


Gear switching without password, open the dial switch to ON state.

■ Switching the gear without password:
Directly press the key 1 and 2, switch to your needed functi on, the n press the key 1 and 2 to con firm, or wait 2s for the system to automatically confirm the current selected function gear.


Power input: DC 1&36V
Mechanical working life: Over 75000 times
Function switching: 5 gears
Display screen: TFT Tu recolor 34x25mm
External dimensi on: 92x92x46mm (Panel)
Hole size: 85x85x43mm

Packing List

1 Main body 1  
2 Keys 2 Key switch (M-240, M-242) with keys, button switch without key
3 Screws bag 1  
4 Instructions 1

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