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M-203E Autodoor remote controller

Short Description:

■  This product is with the function of coding self-learn.Make sure the code of remote transmitter has been learned into the receiver before using (16 kinds of codes can be learned)

■  Operation way: Press the learned button for 1 S.indicator turns green.Press any key of the remote transmitter. The transmitter has been learned by the receiver successfully with two flashes of green light appears.

■  Oelete method: Press the learn button for 5S.green light flashing, all the codes has been deleted successfully Can not delete one by one)

■  Press the remote control A key(Full lock): All probe and access controller are lose effectiveness, electric lock locked automatically. People inside and outside can not enter in.Be used for preventing thieves at niqhl or on holidays periods.

■  Press the remote control 8 key(Unidirectional): External probe is lose effectiveness and eleckic lock locked automatically while external access controller and internal probe are available.Only insider can get in by swiping card. Internal probe is effective.people can get oul.Be used for clearing ud a gathering place

■  Press the remote coni C key(Full open): All probe and access controller are lose effectiveness. Door keeps fully open. For emergency using.

■  Press the remote control D key(Bi-directional): Internal and external probes are effective. Working hours with normal business.

Product Detail


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The overall characteristic

■  High-current electric lock output module.

■  DC/AC 12V - 36V power input and convenient to take power from sliding door units.

■  Delicate shell design, easy-to-fixed, compact and small size.

■  Built-in surge absorber to prevent the return spark of electric lock.

■  Remote transmitter with 4 keys to carry out the 4 operations of autodoor.

■  All induction gated signal unified into the Extender which outputs the signal
to autodoor and electric locks. With time difference setting to ensure the autodoor runs automatically.

■  Using remote controller to switch function.validity action confirms by voice indicator.

ElThe definition of input and output


1. Notes:The system is with memory function in case of power-down.

2. The input signal for access controller should be passive contact signal, or input PUSH signal directly.

Wiring Diagram

Shape 18

Getting power supply of AC/DC24V from Autodoor Unit


DC12V Power Supply for Autodoor Remote Contoller

External and Internal probe should not get power from this extender directly. Can be connect with terminal of autodoor (which for probes)
Phis product made according to the factory sequence,under one-year warranty Except for the human-facor destory.

Specific Note

■  The power input can be taken from the autodoor control unit of AC/DC12-36V, Or AC/DC 12V should be supplied lo ensure enough capacity for tunning.

■  DC12V power input should connect with 1and4 terminals.

■  Actual output current of DC REGULATOR must be greater then the action current of electric lock.

■  The deeper installation place is. the weaker indicator voice is.

The technology parameter

Power supply:AC/DC 12~36V

Current of electric lock:3A(12V)

Static Power:35mA

Action current:85mA(Non-current electric lock)

The interval time to open lock and auto-door:0.5s

Professional appliance: Built-in surge absorber

Transmitting and receiving method: Microwave level with a roller code Remote control battery using life: N18000 times

Working environment temperature:-42"C~45'C

Working environment humidity: 10~90%RH Appearance dimension: 123(L)x50(W)x32(H)mm

The total weight: 170g

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