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YFSW200 Automatic Swing Door Operator

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YFSW200 Automatic Swing Door Operator are widely used in office, meeting room, medical treatment room, workshop and etc, which entrance do not has large space.


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Automatic Swing Door Opener are powered by an electric motor. The differ in how they use the motor's energy to open the door. Operators use various internal technologies.

Some are built on top of a standard door closer. To open the door, the operator forces the closer in the opening direction. Then, the closer closes the door. The user may open the door manually, using just the door closer. In case of power failure while the door is open, the closer itself closes the door.

Some are built without a door closer. The motor opens and closes the door through reducing gears. The operator may or may not include a return spring to close the door in case of power failure while the door is open.


 Model YFSW200
Max Door Weight 200 kgs / leaf
Open range 70º-110º
Door leaf width Max. 1300mm
Hold Open time 0.5s -10s (adjustable)
Opening speed 150 - 450 mm/s (adjustable)
Closing speed 100 - 430 mm/s (adjustable)
Motor Type 24v 60W Brushless DC Motor
Power supply AC 90 - 250V , 50Hz - 60Hz
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C

Features of automatic swing door opener

(a) Microcomputer technology, push and open function

(b) Modular design, maintenance-free construction, easy installation and replacement

(c) With intelligence self-protection of overheat and overload, automatically reverse upon obstruction during the process of opening and closing, safe and reliable

(d) Electromagnetic lock control, ensure safety of the building

(e) Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters

(f) Advanced brushless motor with lower consumption,energy saving, high efficiency, great torque, low noise and long service life.
(g)The door can be connected with remote control, password reader, card reader, microwave sensor, exit switch, fire alarm, etc.

(h) Safety beam protects the guest from bumping the door, safe and reliable.

(i) Optional backup battery can ensure the normal operation in case of power failure
(j) Compatible with all safety devices
(k) 24VDC 100W brushless motor, the motor transmission is simple and stable. Adopt worm and gear decelerator, super silence, no abrasion.
(l) Adustable opening angle(70º-110º)

Competitive Advantages of automatic swing door opener

1. It can realize the interlock function between door and door.

2. Driving devices works with low noise,reliable performance,safety and brings living and working environment more convenience.

3. Innovation in mechanical design offers fast and effective installation.

4. With sensors,access control,safety beam protection interfaces,configurate electric lock,power output interface.
5. Wireless remote open mode is optional.When necessary,please to configurate backup power for security requirements.
6. In case of meeting obstacles or personnel during operation,the door will be opened to reverse direction.


Automatic Swing Door Opener can be open and closed automatically in any swing doors. It is widely used in Hotel, Hosptial, Shopping mall, Bank and etc.


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