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M-204G Microwave Motion Sensor

Short Description:

1. Install the sensor. Place the device in the proper position, and remove the burrs completely when processing the cable hole. Open the mounting plate after opening the hole.


2. Connect the signal cable to the power terminal of the automatic dooc Green, white: signal output COM/NO Brown, yellow: power input AC / DC12V*24V.


3. Remove the outer cover and fix the sensor with screws.


4. Connect the terminal to the sensor.


5. Connect the power supply to the sensor, set the detection range and each function switch in sequenee.


6. Close the cover.

Product Detail


Product Tags


Detection range as below shown

NOTE: Please stand out of the detection range around 10S to ensure the sensor has enough time to finish the self- adjustme nt.


Sensitivity Adjustment

Detection Range MIN:0.5*0.4M MAX:4*2M Select differe nt detecti on range by adjusting sensitivity knob

Shape 18

Adjustment of detection direction

(Adjust Direction of front and back/Left and Right flexibly) Adjusting angle of Plain aerial to get different detection distance and range 30=15*2 range.

NOTE: The factory default is 45 degrees. All the parameters above are only for referenee, detection height is 2.2M. Detection range will be different because of the making material of door and ground, please adjust the sensitivity by the knob mentioned above. When adjusted to 60 degrees, the detection range is widest, which may cause self-serising and the door will always open and close.


Shape 26

Position should be fixed tightly to avoid vibrating

Shape 28

Sensors should not be placed behind the shield.

Shape 30

Moving object should be avoided

Shape 32

Fluorescent should be avoided

Shape 34

Do not touch directly, ESD Protect!on is necessary





Door&lndicator lose failure Did not get on power Check cable 8nnection & power supply
Door keep on closed and open Sensor detected the movement of autodoor; vibration of movement 1, Increase the antenna installation height

2.check the position 3, Reduce the sensitivity.

Door do not close Blue indicator lose failure 1 .Switch of autodoor controller lose failure

2.incorrect position 3.ncorrect output of sensor

Check the switch of autodoor 8ntroller &setting of output
Door keeps on moving when it rains Sensor detected the actions of rain Adopt waterproof accessories

The technology parameter

Technology: Microwave&microwave processor

Frequency: 24.125GHz

Transmitting power: <20dBm EIRP

Launch frequency density: <5m W/cm2

Installation Height: 4M(MAX)

Installation Angle: 0-90 degree(lengthways)・30 to +30(lateral)

Detection Mode: Motion

Min detection speed: 5cm/s

Power <2W(VA)

Detection range: 4m*2m(lnstallation Height 2.2M)

Relay output(No initial potential): COM NO

Maximum current: 1A

Maximum voltage: 30V AC-60V DC

Maximum switching power: 42W(DC)/60VA(AC)

Hold time: 2 Second

Cable length: 2.5 meters

Working temperature: -20 °C to+55 °C

Sheating material: ABS plastic

Power supply: AC 12-24V ±10% (50Hzto 60Hz)

SIZE: 120(W)x80(H)x50(D)mm

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