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M-218D Safety Beam Sensor

Short Description:

■  Adopt the color corresp on ding plug-i n socket, simple wiring, convenient and accurate.

■  Adopt microcomputer control technology, high system integration and strong stability.

■  The international universal optical lens design, good focusing and reasonable 8ntrolled angle, easy to install.

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Overall Characteristics

■  Adopt Germa n receiving filter, decoding and amplification system to effectively solve the problem of anti-n atural sun light interfere nee.

■  Transmitting head adopt low consumptio n high pulse transmitting tech no logy, far transmitting distance, long service life.

■  lt has a design for comnecting and outputing single or double groups of transmitting and receiving lenses respectvely, and the connecton is good inshielding. lt can control single light beam, or control dual light beams.When the light is blocked, the output can be flexible choice of normally open or normally closed 8ntact signal.

■  Wide voltage input design, AC/DC 12-36V power input.

■  With receiving head short 8nnection fault alarm function


Shape 6

Note: Transmitting electric eye(Blue cable), Receiving electric eye(Black cable).


Single Beam must be connected into Group A (White Socket). Double beam must be connected into Group AB (Both White and Black Socket)

When fixing the electric eyes, the installation holes should be 013mm.

Installation height of single light beams is 60cm from the ground; Installation height of double light beams, one sets beams should be 30cm from the ground, the second sets beams should be 90cm from the ground.

The receiving and transmitting electric eyes, have a certain detection range, but it must be aligned during installation to ensure the 8nsistency of the horiz ontal and vertical directions.

Between the receiving and transmitting electric eyes, keep away from the bonsai or other objects to avoid error action.

This system has high anti-i nterference ability, but should avoid direct sunlight to the electric eye when in stalling.

Please make sure the installation height should be at least 20 cm from the ground.


Power supply: AC/DC 12-30V Receiving cable length: 5.5 meters (black)
Static current 18mA Beam light: Single beam / double beam light
Action current: 58mA Working temperature: -42°C-45°C
Max matched distanee: 10 meters Working humidity: 10-90%RH
Output connect: NO/NC selection by dial switch Dimension (main controller): 105.5(L)x53.4(W)x28.5(H)mm
Transmitting cable length: 5.5 meters (blue) Dimension (Electric eye): 19(L)xl3(D)mm

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