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Why Automatic sliding inductive door widely used?

We can see many Automatic inductive doors in market or hotel, do you know the feathers of it? Here I want to tell you as followings:
1. Easy installation: the door and the door without the original structure of the impact of any flat open the door can be easily installed, does not destroy its original structure; the post, the door of the ambush, the size of no special requirements;
2. Effective thrust: open the door in the door to open the best point of force (from the chain farthest) on the work, efficiency 100%, as long as the single can push the door can be reliable work;
3. The small force on the door: the best point by force, the most efficient, so the force in the door force on the force of the smallest, the door structure will not be deformed;
4. Can open the wide door: the work of the pivot from the door as far as possible, and the direction of force and always open the same direction, so no matter how wide the door can easily open and close;
5. Can make the door for 0 ~ 360 degrees wide wide angle free opening and closing;
6. Comes with lock: the door closed, the door can be reliable self-locking, no additional electric lock
7. High intelligence: As the machine comes with linkage electric lock, so you can freely set the left and right door to open the door order, any designated a single door open, meet the self-stop, automatically determine the car or leave the door automatically , And a value-added interface with the sensor, card reader / password constitute a modern intelligent access control system;
8. Power consumption: due to open the door high efficiency, the required power is small, so power consumption province;
9. Limited switch, easy to control, limit accurate, stable, not to motor, body overload;
10. The body to bear the stress is small, long life;
11. Streamlined appearance, small, beautiful.

Post time: Oct-27-2022